Power to Provide

Individuals at one time or another have experienced financial setbacks, loss of relationships, postponed desires, unsettling health reports, unforeseen emergencies or even disconcerting news regarding loved ones. During those challenging times it is important for believers not to worry about how they will survive, but to trust in God’s ultimate power to provide in the midst of difficulty.

At times we want God to work the circumstance out our way according to our time schedule, but God is all powerful, all knowing, full of wisdom and he will forever show us that nothing is impossible for him as long as we trust his plan and his way.

In the Bible we witness God’s providing power with the Israelites as he provided them with supernatural:

Guidance – as he led them out of captivity towards the Promised Land
Sustenance – when he turned bitter water sweet, caused bread to rain from heaven, water from a rock and quail (meat) to literally come towards them
Prosperity – as the Egyptians favored them and gave them whatever they asked, including articles of silver, gold and clothing.

Now only God has the power to provide that way! God provided the Israelites with nourishment, prosperity and guidance utilizing resources that are above our intellectual comprehension. It is important to accept that God’s ways are not our ways and to avoid looking through distorted lenses regarding God’s resourcefulness and power.

There are several other stories in the Word of God that display God’s providing power and in each circumstance God did the supernatural. I’m at the point in my life now where I don’t try to figure out how God will do it, I just thank him for what he will come through and fulfill!

God will come through in powerfully providing for you in regards to your: God-honoring goals, church attendance, finances, family relationships, family restoration, wisdom, discernment, fortitude, confidence, desires, education, clothing, transportation, residence, entrepreneurial efforts, friendships, marriage, courtship, beauty, integrity, health, guidance, protection, provision, covering, children, peace, joy and so much more.

God’s providing power was also witnessed when he sent his son to die on the cross for our sins! Praise be to God for powerfully providing salvation by and through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

God comes through in Power!


Creative Power

God has the power to create anything He desires. The book of Genesis informs the reader that God (Elohim) is our Creator and we are His creation. Only God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit have creative power, wisdom and control to produce: the heavens, earth, light, day, night, seas, vegetation, trees, seeds, sun, moon, stars, seasons, days, years, galaxies, livestock, crawling things, wild animals, males and females.

When one truly accepts and respects God’s ability and creative power in all things, faith should always follow. During the seasons in our lives when we experience trials, we should take a look around and appreciate the glory of God’s creative power. God is able to create victory in your valley, triumph in your trials and conquests in your conflicts.

Oftentimes children of covenant overlook God’s creative power because of their inabilities and shortage of resources, but God owns all, created all and nothing is impossible for Him. Whilst in your valley remember that God is your source and He is able to create victory for you right where you are.

Usually we want to immediately get out of the valley experience, but for those who love the LORD, God is working all things out for their good and is creating something new in their valley experience, which will result in one’s overall victory.

We must invite God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit in to create victorious situations for us HIS WAY! Victory doesn’t always mean you’ll escape or avoid your valley experience, but God is with you and He is able to create wonderful qualities within you that individuals will see and have to give glory and praise to God regarding his creative power operating in your life.

Throughout the Bible we read accounts of God’s creative power in the midst of his children’s valley experiences and each time victory followed as God came through.

For example:
The Israelites at the Red Sea
The father and his demon-possessed son
The birth of Jesus

There are many more examples in the Bible and I believe times in your life when God came through in creative power. The good news is that God’s creative power doesn’t stop! God comes through in power regarding your: healing, provision, protection, covering, salvation, loving, kindness, forgiveness, peace, joy, breakthroughs, turning points, revelations and freedom.

Praise Be To God for coming through in creative Power!

Praise Power

God is: Powerful, Almighty, Sovereign, Everlasting, Faithful and The Master Creator. Since God created ALL things, God is deserving of all exaltation, glory, respect, worship and genuine praise from His creation. In life, individuals experience seasons of jubilant joy and complicated challenges. It appears that during our seasons of triumph praising God for what He is doing comes effortlessly, but during the seasons of grief and disappointment it can be difficult to praise God.

No matter what season we find ourselves in, giving praise to God is paramount. Paul and Silas were dragged before authorities in the Roman city they were in, by slave owners. These slave owners realized their profit of using their slave girl who had a spirit of divination through fortune telling came to an end when Paul rebuked the spirit inside of her.

The slave owners also falsely identified Paul and Silas as trouble-making Jews who were throwing the Roman city into confusion with teaching customs that were unlawful for the Roman people to accept or observe. Without giving them a fair trial, the Roman city officials tore their robes off of them and publicly beat Paul and Silas who were actually Roman citizens. To make matters worse, they threw Paul and Silas into prison where their feet were fastened in stocks.

But even in the midst of being lied on, attacked, stripped, beaten, thrown away, locked up, talked about, ridiculed, in a dark uncomfortable, unpleasant, secluded challenging time, Paul and Silas prayed and sang hymns of praise to the God of Power! We discover in scripture that God came through, in Power because an earthquake suddenly emerged that shook the foundation of the prison unfastening the chains of everyone imprisoned and opening all doors.

This is encouragement for you today that God comes through in Power. Only God has the power to free you from the taunts, strongholds, chains, mockery, setbacks, dungeon and dark prisons of the enemy. Despite anything you’ve gone through continue to pray and praise God in the midst of the circumstance and be prepared to witness His Power in your situation. God has the power to open doors and shake the foundation of your situation causing everyone to notice the Power of God and want to experience it as well.

Take a moment and Praise the Lord God who comes through in Power.

Power to Save

The Bible provides numerous descriptive accounts of God’s saving Power. For example, only the power of God was able to save:
Daniel in the lion’s den

Moses and the Israelites at the Red Sea
Rahab and her household during the Conquest of Jericho
Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego in the fiery furnace
David eluding from Saul

As well as many other accounts, but one account I want to focus on is King Jehoshaphat and his enemies. When the Ammonites, Moabites and Meunites came together to make war against Jehoshaphat, his initial response was fear, but after seeking the LORD in prayer and fasting, Jehoshaphat proclaimed God’s power by stating “Power and might are in your hand, there is no one able to take a stand against you.” (2 Chronicles 20:6)

God answered Jehoshaphat’s prayer and reassured him that the battle was God’s. God powerfully came through and saved Judah by setting ambushes against the Ammonites, Meunites and Moabites as well as causing them to completely destroy themselves. Only the power of God causes one’s enemies who once plotted harm against you, to obliterate themselves.

God came through in power for the individuals who desired deliverance and He will come through for you! In our human strength we don’t compare with God’s wisdom, authority and love regarding knowing how to effectively and powerfully save. But God continuously saves those who seek him, because He is the only one who maintains the power to send Jesus Christ into the world to save it through him, because salvation is found only in Jesus Christ.

When battles appear to intimidate you focus on God’s power and his words to “Be not afraid or dismayed at the great multitude, for the battle is not yours, but God’s” (2 Chronicles 20:15) Every multitude seeking to come against your peace, mind and walk with God, don’t be dismayed. Seek Jesus for guidance because God comes through!

No matter the situations, exercise faith and trust in God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. When we truly understand that all power and authority have been given to Jesus Christ, we can rest assured that when we accept and receive him as our Personal Lord and Savior we will always be victorious because we are in Him.

Be encouraged today and know without a doubt that God comes through in Powerfully saving you!