Matthew of the Past

My name is Matthew Eagan Hajek.  I was born March 20 1988.  I lived a pretty normal life.  I had the best parents.  I had two younger sisters.  I was in the band and played sports.  I was thinking about college.  I had been selected as a governor scholar.  During my last week of the program the rest of my family headed to Las Vegas for a dance competition.  I was going to meet them there.  I flew all the way there to find out they had all been murdered.  I finished my last year of high school with a close family.  Given how hard that year was college was not something I could have handled.  I decided to join the army.  I was in the army for six active years.  I did tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.  I was super lucky to come home without a scratch on me.  After those years I just wanted to be alone.  I bought a couple tracts of land in Arkansas at auction.  I have spent the last couple of years tearing down the houses, cutting down the trees, and turning it into a farm.