Matthew of the Present

At the beginning of the year I got loved tapped in a grocery store parking lot when an expectant dad hit me.  Luckily I just had a few broken bones and both mommy and baby are healthy and happy.  As a gift from the family I got to spend  eight days in Michigan on a Journey to the Heart.  I was pretty uncomfortable when I was given the gift because I have never been religious before.  I spent most of the time getting into the 49 Biblical Character Qualities.  My leader, Asher, on the first day sat me down and explained that he was in a similar circumstance a few years ago.  He told me that he would not be standing here with me right now if it wasn’t for these eight days bringing faith back to him.  Then on the last day he gave me the book “The Battle Plan for Prayer”.  Then he suggested that I take my time getting back to the farm.  Go to the reunion and take in this experience fully.  I took his advice.  I did enjoy my time in the woods and everyone I met there.  I am going to build everything I learned to become a more spiritual person.  I am building on the Journey to the Heart to Journey to Matthew.