God Guides You Part 4

Adversity, trials and tribulations are unavoidable periods all individuals experience. It is often during the wilderness seasons of distress when we seek to comprehend God’s plan and guidance in our lives.

Whilst in your wilderness or valley you might experience a range of emotions and thoughts that must immediately be checked so that your faith will properly align with God’s guiding power in your life.

As a Christian one should expect to enjoy the abundant life of Jesus Christ, but shouldn’t be naïve in believing that trials will not occur. That is one thing we should expect, especially when one is truly living as an ambassador for Christ. Weapons may be formed against you but thanks be to God that they WILL NOT Prosper!

During some of the most challenging moments in life remember that God guides you:

In a career setback

When an unexpected health report is disclosed

In a financial setback

When in-laws, relatives and family members ignore, scowl and exclude you

In the midst of an unexpected pregnancy

During the challenges of conception

Through the loss of a loved one

In revealing toxic relationships, business partnerships and associations

When individuals attempt to bully and intimidate, only because they are jealous and insecure

When a college professor challenges your Christianity beliefs and values

By disclosing the character of colleagues who’ve clandestinely worked together to disqualify you for a promotion

When colleagues discount your ideas

When family, friends and loved ones misunderstand you

When you feel lonely (remember you are not alone, God is with you)

In Pressure

After the rejection letter, notice and statement

During the challenges of God-honoring relationships

When you are forced to relocate and start over

When new opportunities and breakthroughs appear

Although adversity shows up, be encouraged that God knows all and He will never leave you nor forsake you. God is guiding you and ordering your steps in the midst of the pressure, pain, heat and discomfort you currently face. Be mindful today that God is working everything out for your good, because you love him and have been called according to his purpose.

Even in the most intense seasons of life, God guides us and is producing something in us that will fulfill his overall purpose in our lives.

God guides You!


God Guides You Part 3

Life is truly a journey, but sometimes while on the trip we are faced with turns, stops and forks in the road where we desperately need God’s divine guidance. In the middle of the indecisive moments in our lives, we must do our part in seeking God’s will.

The word of God is designed specifically for the believer to utilize in reading, studying and meditation regarding any situation. God additionally provides his children with the Holy Spirit to guide us in all truth and revelation concerning our life’s purpose, plan and assignment.

Frustration often occurs when we independently choose our own plans apart from God’s word and the promptings of the Holy Spirit. Similarly, irritation attempts to creep in when we follow God’s word and heed to the promptings of the Holy Spirit and change in our situation doesn’t happen instantly.

During those waiting periods I encourage you to wait some more, trust, pray and praise the LORD because additional guidance and revelation is on the way. Without faith it is impossible to please God and sometimes He doesn’t provide the entire picture of your life’s plan, just one pixel at a time.

When you feel like you don’t know where to turn, remember God’s word is the light that guides you and illuminates your path. God continues to reveal, speak and guide his children. Be encouraged today and make sure that you are in alignment with his will, word and way. Then you will begin to notice God’s divine guiding power in your life.

God Guides You Part 2

God will guide you in your purpose when you align with His will, word and way. Living independently of God’s guidance is a sure way to get off of God’s track. Adhering to God’s guidance is paramount as we strive to remain on God’s pathways of promise.

God guides us all, but we don’t need to get caught up thinking that God has one standard approach to his divine guidance. God can lead a believer one way using one method of guidance and then lead another believer a totally different way because of his sovereignty.

God specializes in individualized instruction; he knows what to do in order to get each of his children on track. No matter what guiding method God decides to use in your life, be ready, willing and receptive to get on board with his plan.

In scripture we read about four accounts when God guided Joseph, Mary’s husband, to follow through with God’s plan with the angel of the LORD appearing to him in a dream. Although some things probably didn’t make sense and human reasoning resulted, God’s plan prevailed because he sent divine guidance to Joseph during his trial experiences.

When Joseph planned to divorce Mary quietly after learning of her pregnancy, an angel of the LORD appeared to him in a dream and guided Joseph in truth.

An angel of the LORD appeared to Joseph in a dream a second time telling Joseph to Get up! Take Jesus and Mary and flee to Egypt until instructed to leave. God guided Joseph in revelation regarding Herod’s plan.

An angel of the Lord appeared to Joseph in a dream a third time telling him to Get up! Take Jesus and his mother to Israel for those who sought the child’s life are dead. God guided Joseph in direction.

God additionally warned Joseph in a dream when he was afraid and Joseph settled in Nazareth. God guided Joseph in confirmation.

God has the power to guide in dreams! Let Joseph’s story encourage you today. Regardless of any circumstances and uncertainty you face, remember God is our guide and will guide you in truth, direction, revelation and confirmation. God loves, protects, blesses and guides every one of his children. Trust God, the Divine Guide.

God Guides You Part One

Purposely aligning with God’s word is vital for any believer to be guided in Christ, Jesus. In order to be led by Christ, we must first and foremost follow Christ and not focus on what others are doing. Intentionally positioning yourself under God’s directive leadership is the only way to know you are in the right place to receive his guidance in every aspect of your life. God guides us through his written word, the Bible, the Holy Spirit and with many other divine resources that will indeed capture one’s attention, but we must be receptive and ready when God’s guidance is introduced.

Jesus is to be LORD over all, and when one deliberately journeys through life, choosing to intentionally live independently from Jesus, it leads towards a definite danger zone absent from God’s divine covering whilst enduring uncomfortable consequences.

It is important to spend time studying and meditating on God’s word, because the Bible is our instructional reference guide regarding any circumstance we face in life. Wisdom, repentance, trust, faith and application of God’s word opens up the divine directive pathway God can work with as he guides his children according to his plan and purpose.

God’s way is not popular with the world, and Satan’s lies appear alluring, but don’t be deceived by the mirage of believing it is better to go through life Your way and not God’s way. Don’t be discouraged as you take a stand to follow Christ’s guidance, and teasing, mocking and harassing ensue. Also be encouraged today that as you begin following God’s guidance some relationships will come to an end. You must guard your heart and put on the full armor of God as you allow God to guide you into your destiny.

Today make sure your heart is receptive, repentant and ready to receive God’s loving guidance. God is our divine guide and when we align with him we are in the best position to thrive. It’s time for children of covenant to heed, listen and follow God’s plan and thank God in advance for continually guiding his children!