Fully Covered

We are fully covered in God’s grace, mercy and love. God covered us with the Blood of Jesus and this gift received by faith is the best gift that we will ever receive in our eternal life! To God be the glory! God fully covers his children from head to toe, even in the midst of their mishaps, mess-ups, mistakes and missed marks.

It is absolutely amazing when one reflects and receives the greatness and glory of God knowing that He fully covers us! When mankind sinned and lived in shame before God, God enacted a plan of covering in the natural and spiritual realm to fully cover every aspect of our lives individually and collectively.

We are fully covered by the redeeming blood of Jesus Christ. We are additionally covered in peace, joy, love, grace, blessing, increase, favor, salvation power, God’s word, provision, faith and protection. We are also covered in potential, possibility and promise. Receive God’s covering today because He is the only one who can fully cover all of your pain, heartache, doubt and ailments. The promise of God’s covering is permanent and true.

God comes through in Covering You!


Recovery & Recompense

God is able recover all that belongs to you. God is powerful and able to recover you physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, socially, relationally, academically and even professionally. Whatever you are going through God covers you in recovering all for you. There are many instances in the Bible when God recovered belongings to individuals. God is no respecter of persons and He will recover all for you if your trust in Him. When God recovers anything for His children it is always superior than what it was before. Many of God’s children are going through issues that cause despair and heartache, but Trust that God is working all out for your good and God recovers, recoups, redeems, regains, reimburses, repays, restores and recompenses!

God recovered all that Job lost – his children, business, possessions, health, fellowship, livestock and relationships.

God recovered Naaman’s leprosy and his flesh was cleansed like that of a young boy.

God recovered Joash’s kingdom from his murderous grandmother Athaliah.

God recovered: Naomi & Ruth, The Shunammite woman, The Israelites, barren and broken individuals and God recovered each and every one of us from our lives of sin to righteousness through Jesus Christ.

Be encouraged at this very moment and proclaim, declare and decree God’s goodness in your life and his Power to Recover all! Praise the LORD Jehovah El Gemuwal- The Lord God of Recompenses!

God comes through in Covering You!

Take Cover

In order to adequately benefit from the covering of God, believers must be willing to Take Cover under God’s commandments. We seek protection and safety from all of Satan’s attacks when we Take Cover in God. God wants us to freely enjoy His promises but not independently of His direction and blueprint. Following God’s commandments and being sure of His love for you are key to one’s covering in Christ. God covers you when you intentionally make the decision to trust Him in all situations.

Take Cover in God when the trajectory of your life’s plan shifts and despondency tries to creep in.

When you’ve done everything you know to do in your situation and change appears distant – Take Cover in God!

When vision and aspirations seem to tarry and doubt tries to swallow your faith – Take Cover in God!

When you receive healing in your condition and residual pain lingers – Take Cover in God!

When demonic strongholds try to take center stage in your life – Take Cover in God!

When your self-esteem is attacked by Satan’s lies – Take Cover in God!

When you feel like you’ve missed the mark – Take Cover in God!

When it is revealed that “friendships” were never real – Take Cover in God!

When you seek new godly friendships, associations & connections – Take Cover in God!

When you need encouragement regarding anything you are encountering in life – Take Cover in God!

When family relationships seem broken, irreparable & permanent – Take Cover in God!

When your parent or spouse either walks out on you or says hurtful words in order to debase, disrespect or damage you – Take Cover in God!

When individuals knock your talents, abilities and God-inspired ideas – Take Cover in God!

When you’re waiting on God’s best in every aspect of your life – Take Cover in God!

When you take a stand to follow Christ & God’s way – Take Cover in God!

When people attempt to dim your reflective light of Jesus Christ with their darkness – Take Cover in God!

When an angry person purposely hits the back of your heel at the grocery store with their basket full of groceries and laughs – Take Cover in God!

When “close friends” paint a negative, fraudulent picture to their peers and family members about your intentional Godly lifestyle and you are criticized and mocked – Take Cover in God!

God Comes Through in Covering You.

Covered Bases

God leads, directs, guides, provides and covers all the bases in our lives. God covers your past, present and future. God covers your past with forgiveness and healing, God covers your present with grace and God covers your future with promise and provision. Throughout the bible we read about how God continuously covers his children when we follow his will, word and way. The way God implements covering for us is absolutely remarkable, God deserves all the glory and praise for creating us and covering each area of our lives, no matter how big or how small you perceive your issues to be. God covers all! When you face any situation that seems hopeless remember that God covered your bases before you were born.

God has covered you and is taking you through the journey of life that he predestined for you with every tool you need for success. Don’t worry, Don’t’ fret, when you feel discouraged remember God has not only covered you with promise and provision but he has also covered you in encouragement and love by and through his word! Praise the LORD for covering your bases! Days may appear mundane or difficult in your life but be mindful that God has covered your bases, He’s got it all under control and is working everything out for your good. Your situation is not a surprise; God comes through in covering you!

Covered By The LORD

There are benefits, advantages and promises directly correlated to one’s absolute trust in God. God loves each and every one of His children and just like a parent or guardian displays love and protection for their child, God abounds even more than that in our lives, because He has the resources, wisdom, knowledge and power to do more than we can ask, think or imagine. We are covered by the LORD regarding all aspects of our lives. Nothing about you is insignificant and as a child of covenant you are covered in God’s:

Love, Grace, Mercy, Increase, Promotion
Lovingkindness, Joy, Peace, Gifts
Protection, Healing, Son-Jesus Christ, Redemption
Forgiveness, Future, Fulfilled Calling for your life, Care
Peace, Favor, Timing, Relationship
Promises, Blessings, Rewards, Plan and so much more!

The Lord completely covers us when we trust him completely and know without a doubt that He is our refuge, strength, promise keeper and protection. In life it is easy to pick up the futile acts of worry, anxiety, fear and doubt but when we completely trust God no matter what is going on in us and around us worry, fear, anxiety and doubt will be forced to leave because our faith in God is greater than any circumstance. We are truly covered by the LORD.

God knows who we are, what He has created and what we are equipped to accomplish. God is completely aware of our inabilities and He possesses all ability to cover us in every area of our lives. When you read God’s word let it sink in as a direct promise to you, because that is exactly what it is. God has covered ALL in your life but we are commanded not to worry, not to fear and Trust God no matter what it looks like. In the natural it may be tough but spiritually and with God’s grace you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you (Philippians 4:13).

Life is full of challenges, choices, changes and characters but remain encouraged today by Psalm 91 that you are completely covered by the LORD in all things regarding you. To God be the Glory!