More and More of Jesus

The Holy Spirit in me is the source of blessing for others. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Jesus. As long as I continue to be filled with his Spirit, the more qualities that are like Jesus—kindness, forgiveness, and love—will flow out to those around me. I want to be sure nothing is keeping me from always being filled with the Holy Spirit. And I want to be sure nothing is stopping him from flowing out of me to bless others.


O God, let me live this day full of your Spirit. Let all my thoughts and actions reflect the truth that you are living inside me. Let me be sensitive to any behavior or attitude that is preventing me from being a blessing to others. Amen.


I’ll Be a Good Listener

It is perfectly natural for me to ask God questions when I am having a difficult time. But we never need to question whether God is good or not. He has a purpose in everything, especially when bringing me through any trial. Sometimes I just won’t be able to understand what possible good can come from a difficult situation. Then I can just ask God to teach me what I can learn from what I’m going through.


God, when I’m having a really lousy day, help me remember to ask, “Father, what are you trying to teach me in this?” Maybe if I began to ask that, my lousy days would turn into days I could actually be thankful for. So, God, help me remember to ask and to be open to your answer. Amen.

God Gives Me Love

The Bible tells me that “God is love” and that love comes from God. But sometimes it’s hard to love someone. Telling myself, “I’m going to treat that person with kindness and respect,” doesn’t help me love anyone. When I pray, “Lord, give me your love for that person,” then the Holy Spirit can help me. He gives me the power to see that person as God sees them and to love them with God-like love.


Lord, it’s hard for me to love __________. (Does anyone come to my mind?) I pray, “Holy Spirit, pour the love of God into my heart for __________.” Asking God just once to give me his love for a person is a lot like taking only one vitamin—it doesn’t hurt, but it doesn’t do much good either. Asking the Holy Spirit to fill me with God’s love is something I need to do every day, because every day I need God’s help in loving others. Amen.

Hard Times Are Good Times

God will lead me through some difficult times. The difficult times help me learn new things about him. Real friendships grow deeper in difficult times. God wants to be my close friend; any difficulty that comes into my life can bring me closer to him.


God, sometimes I wish you were a “make-it-all-better” kind of God. I wish you could help me fast-forward through bad days and hit instant replay on good days. But sometimes you’re more of a “wait-and-all-will-be-well” kind of God. I ask that you help me sort through my feelings, so I can make good choices and learn what you are trying to teach me. Amen.

Confess, Then Pray

The first step to take in prayer is to confess any sin that is coming between me and God. He loves me too much to let me hang on to anything that can separate me from his presence. The way into the presence of God always goes through the door marked “confession.”


God, create in me a clean heart and renew a right spirit within me. I confess the things I’ve done and the things I’ve left undone that are displeasing to you. Forgive me, O God, and draw me close to you today. Amen.

I’m Never Too Young

Will I serve the Lord? Will I make that choice? Serving God means waiting on him and learning to know what he wants me to do, then doing it with a joyful heart. No matter how young or weak I am, I can choose to serve the Lord. I can imagine that I’m a waiter in a restaurant. I see Jesus come in the door and take a seat at a table. When I go over to his table, I’ll say, “How may I serve you?” In other words, I’m asking, “God, what would you like?” That’s what it means to serve God. What does he want of me? What can I bring him? How can I serve him so that he is satisfied?


Lord, help me learn to wait on you like a good servant. Amen.

The Most Important Thing

Knowing God and finding out how he wants me to live is the most important thing in life. Because God is God, being my best to please him is what life is all about. I may want to please my friends, my teachers, or my parents, and that’s okay. I just don’t want to worry more about what others think of me than what my heavenly Father thinks.

He is the most important. If I want to be my best for God, I will not always demand what I want when I want it. He will give me the patience to wait for his perfect will and timing. And if I will learn to be patient, he will put his desires in my heart. That means he’ll help me want what he wants for me. Then it will be easy to please him. I’ll want what he wants, and he’ll give me the patience to wait for his best.


God, I’m not really sure I know what “knowing you” means. It would be so much easier if you were right here in front of me. Help me learn what being my best to please you really means. I want to know you, God. Amen.