Recovery & Recompense

God is able recover all that belongs to you. God is powerful and able to recover you physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, socially, relationally, academically and even professionally. Whatever you are going through God covers you in recovering all for you. There are many instances in the Bible when God recovered belongings to individuals. God is no respecter of persons and He will recover all for you if your trust in Him. When God recovers anything for His children it is always superior than what it was before. Many of God’s children are going through issues that cause despair and heartache, but Trust that God is working all out for your good and God recovers, recoups, redeems, regains, reimburses, repays, restores and recompenses!

God recovered all that Job lost – his children, business, possessions, health, fellowship, livestock and relationships.

God recovered Naaman’s leprosy and his flesh was cleansed like that of a young boy.

God recovered Joash’s kingdom from his murderous grandmother Athaliah.

God recovered: Naomi & Ruth, The Shunammite woman, The Israelites, barren and broken individuals and God recovered each and every one of us from our lives of sin to righteousness through Jesus Christ.

Be encouraged at this very moment and proclaim, declare and decree God’s goodness in your life and his Power to Recover all! Praise the LORD Jehovah El Gemuwal- The Lord God of Recompenses!

God comes through in Covering You!


Author: matthewhajek

Farmer, Solider, Christian, Reader, Journey Alum, Biblical Training Student

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